RECOVERY – Freedom From Our Addictions by Russell Brand

Russell Brand's RECOVERY This book is a human story of honesty, courage, kindness and triumph over adversity.  Honesty with himself and how harmful his addictions had become, his courage to face his demons, and his kindness towards others since recovery, yes Russell Brand has triumphed over his own adversity.  Using the 12 step programme he … Continue reading RECOVERY – Freedom From Our Addictions by Russell Brand

Atkinson Grimshaw, Painter of Moonlight

One of my favourite coffee table books is my  Alexander Robertson,  illustrated history of Atkinson Grimshaw's paintings - from his earliest artworks of birds, fruit and flowers to his most famous moonlight paintings, dockyard scenes and cityscapes and the series of faeries. At 24 years of age John Atkinson Grimshaw gave up his job as a railway clerk with Great Northern Railway … Continue reading Atkinson Grimshaw, Painter of Moonlight