This blog was born in the middle of the night, like most of my ideas, when I’m wide awake and can’t sleep. I was sure the domain name would already have been taken, but to my surprise, it’s mine!

In the wee small hours I so often lie there thinking about something or other. Analysing a dream I’ve just fallen out of. Reflecting on a book I’m reading. Planning an outfit – from the shoes up! Contemplating the purpose of emotions, like what is a grudge? What’s it for? How does it serve you? Or what is guilt? How does that serve you? Or shame, or embarrassment? Is anger just a lid for pain or fear? I think it is. Take road rage for instance, usually the root cause is extreme fear.

So I decided I wanted to find my voice for all of these things. I wanted to channel them somewhere, and write for fun, or write to reflect and delve into something on a deeper level and explore it. The more we write, the more we learn, and fun and learning should be shared.