Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, Milton Keynes Stadium

My partner took me to dinner here on Friday night.  We were celebrating 5 years of being together, and wanted to mark the occasion.  Oh dear!  What came up for me was Marco Pierre has NOT got this RIGHT!!  It’s such a shame because visually it all looks great!  The thrill of the  stadium:-

Marco Pierre White!!  What could possibly go wrong?  …Let me enlighten you!  I am quite surprised Marco would put his name to this place actually, but I wonder if eventually these famous chefs end up becoming  a business entity rather than a person and they’re not really sure what they’re putting their name to, as long as the cheques are rolling in, maybe they don’t care, I don’t know, but I think this place lets him down.  It all looks the part:-

However, the service was a bit too fast, with a sweet but garrulous waitress who had no idea when to stop talking and just leave us to our evening together!  Then add to that the ‘oh so ordinary’ food and one begins to resent the £95 bill!  You get me?!  Very ordinary wines.  I drank white because I was eating fish:

This was a herb,breaded crumbed sea bass fillet with new potatoes, French green beans, roasted vine tomatoes and new potatoes with a rather gloopy Béarnaise sauce in that cute little jug!  Well, I’m not gonna lie…’Birds Eye!’ sprang to mind, but I’d starved all day, and I was hungry, and it wasn’t unpleasant, it was just boring and sub-standard!  I could have bought this dish from Tesco’s freezer section, heated it up at home and had a better wine and a much more pleasurable gastronomical experience.

My partner’s burger?  OMG!!

Always worry about how many times these wooden boards are used, they look great but how hygienic are they?  Just sayin’!  Chips – bland, pale, unsalted and frankly ‘The Colonel’ across the road at KFC serves better chips than these!  This burger, served in MPW’s Steak House was like a  frozen burger without flavour, without texture, without the chargrill thing you would expect with a steakhouse burger, and in short…without anything great!  The Riocha Reserva wine was pretty good though.

Moving on to dessert!

New York Cheesecake is one of my all time favourite desserts, how could this have gone so wrong?  Seriously?  There was no vanilla, it sort of had this floury consistency, and it was awful.  The banana Eton Mess was delicious though and not being a chocolate Brownie fan I was so surprised to find the Brownie part of the trio (not pictured) to die for!  I NEVER like Brownies.  So praise to the dessert chef at MPW  for that!!  That is quite funny though don’t you think?  The Brownie is to die for but the burger which should be quality minced steak is actually a bit rubbish?  Where do you want your reputation to lie Marco?  We were actually informed by Little Miss Chatterbox that he had not yet even visited this establishment since it opened over two months ago in July 2017.

 In short, this place FALLS short….and then some!  It’s just a bit chavvy!  An establishment which is trying to be upmarket but fails.  It’s trying to be classy, but it’s rather tasteless – and I’m not just talking about the food.  It lacks soul and feels sterile, yet it is quite an attractive restaurant, even elegant.  However, for the record I did feel it was a total waste of my beautiful shoes!!!

Lots of promise, but doesn’t quite make the grade, and IMO (in my opinion) is so typical of Hotel restaurants, (located in The Double Tree Hilton at MK Stadium).  Marco – get yourself down there – and shape up or ship out!  Take a look at what it COULD be!  Match the food with the ambience and you could be on to something , but as it is right now?  It’s all décor without delivery!


Won’t be returning, I’m afraid!  I don’t think Gordon Ramsay would tarnish his reputation like this!


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