Frederick’s Restaurant, Camden Passage, Islington, London

When it comes to favourite restaurants, I need a new word for favourite!  Eating out is such a pleasure, especially with loved ones and great company.

Frederick’s restaurant was established by Lou Segal in 1969.  It’s in Camden Passage in Islington, a stone’s throw from the Angel tube station, and right across the road from major bus routes.  Frederick’s has literally been one of my favourite restaurants since the 1980’s.  I used to work in recruitment for a Knightsbridge based company, and we used to throw client lunches occasionally – basically an excuse to wine and dine a client at a nice restaurant and charge the expenses to the boss!  Good plan!  I took clients here once, and that was when I first fell in love with Frederick’s and I have been going back there on a regular basis ever since, despite the fact that I now live just outside of Milton Keynes!  It’s worth the train journey!  In those days, the seating was very different, with booth seating and though charming it was very different to how it looks today.  I wish I had some photos from those early 80’s days!

Frederick’s today is light and airy, and for a London restaurant to have a garden view feels like some kind of an oasis.  It’s romantic, yet sassy, it’s cool but it’s comfortable, and the staff achieve exactly the right balance between friendliness and obsequious, they are charming and welcoming, and also very knowledgeable about their food and wine served at Frederick’s.

As well as a stunning A la Carte Menu and wine list, they also serve an excellent set menu, which even as I write this is so reasonably priced at £15.50 for 2 courses.  This restaurant is very near Sadler’s Well’s theatre too, making it a perfect spot for a late brunch or early lunch before a pre-show matinee performance or an early supper venue.

I’ve had such happy times here with my daughters and good friends.  It’s a venue I return to again and again, because I love the light, I love the garden, I love the food, the wine, the service and the ambience of the place, there is nothing I dislike about Frederick’s.  It’s one of London’s finest!  I also love that you can dress up or dress down, anything goes!  Ohhh!  And I have so enjoyed a little bit of celeb spotting here too!  Once I was sipping champagne at the bar, and chatting with my friend, and I could hear this woman behind me and I just recognised her without even seeing her!  I said to my friend, ‘I KNOW her!  Turned around and it was only BBC Radio 2’s BEST D.J – Liza Tarbuck!  Another time I was there and Richard Wilson (One Foot In The Grave) Actor – was having lunch with Jewish journalist Howard Jacobson.

Cannot wait to return!  I love this place!





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