‘THE KISS AND TELL’ SATC BOOK (Accompanying the HBO series)

Many of us first became addicted to SATC (Sex and the City) in the late nineties, and after 6 seasons we thought it was all over when Carrie hung up her Manolos, Charlotte found true love, and Miranda achieved a near perfect work/life balance. ‘Meanwhile, across town’ Samantha was still hell raising!  Just when we were beginning to really miss the girls, along came SATC The Movie 1, followed a few years later by SATC The Movie 2, more glamour than we thought possible, from the clothes to the locations to the super extravagant sets.  In the beginning when SATC was unknown designers were reluctant to lend the production team anything more than a sock!  By the end of the 6th season and beyond to the movies Manolo Blahnik was a big feature, and so were, Vivienne Westward, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, John Galliano, Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Christian Louboutin, Halston, Hermes, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabanna, Gianvito Rossi, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Cartier, Chanel, Louis Vuitton…..they were all on board, and ‘just like that’ there wasn’t much room for ‘Vintage!’  It was like the film version of Vogue!  Each episode a new issue, and the movies were like the September issues!

The first SATC book accompanied all 6 seasons of the HBO series, and it’s called ‘Sex and the City – Kiss and Tell.’

‘Kiss and Tell’ highlights some of the best moments.  Charlotte’s husbands, Miranda’s ambition and her very real love for Steve, Samantha’s colourful sex life, her love for Smith Jared, her cancer, and Carrie’s on-off relationship but constant love for BIG.  He breaks her heart a few times, she breaks Aidan’s but BIG wins her heart in the end in a show down in Paris with Petrovsky losing out. The Parisian episodes were a froth of designer dressers and killer heels, Parisian street scenes, a backdrop of the Eiffel tower.  And in the end BIG strides back in to Carrie’s life like a knight in shining armour, rescues his girl and brings her back home to NYC!

SATC the series filled many hours, and it’s just not possible to recapture every character and every story line, but I hope some of the shots above will jog your memory a little.


The first movie – the Carrie and BIG wedding which wasn’t and then WAS, with a lot of heartbreak along the way, a fabulous wedding venue, with beautiful dresses and a groom who lost his nerve, followed by the girls’ vacation at the Mexican honeymoon resort where Carrie tries to mend her broken heart.  Eventually, Carrie is reunited with BIG as well as her Manolos!  And the couple are married at City Hall.   Remember the apartment BIG and Carrie bought together?  Remember Louise from St Louis? Remember the VOGUE wedding shoot, and ‘just like that’ the Vivienne Westward gown upped the anti?

And who remembers those New Year’s Eve scenes when Carrie races across town in the snow to be with Miranda? Samantha is with Smith Jared, and BIG is all alone!


  The ultimate HAPPY EVER AFTER!



I LOVED this movie because it was like a cinematographic VOGUE shoot with all the designer big guns coming in!  A platform for every fashion designer you can think of, and the clothes were stunning.  So were the sets and locations.

This book illustrates the stunning outfits, and tells you who designed them, from the dresses to the shoes, the jewellery and THOSE sunglasses!

To be fair there wasn’t really a huge amount of plot to this movie, but it didn’t really matter!  If you’re an SATC fan and a fashionista what’s not to love?  The set for the gay wedding when Stamford marries Anthony is nothing short of stunning, it is such a beautiful set with live swans, the most beautiful cake, and Liza Minneli marrying the pair, as well as singing the most brilliant rendition of ‘All The Single Ladies.’

Interesting story about those swans here, they loved Liza too!  I love this story, it’s so beautiful!

After the gay wedding, the 4 girls go to Abu Dhabi and when you’ve just gotten over their amazing aeroplane –

The hotel is then to die for!

No expense was spared in the making of this last film, with glamourous locations, designer fashion and first class travel.  Total fantasy, and captured very well in this coffee table book of the movie.  It’s a feast for the eyes!



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