The Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Heels

We all remember when Carrie wore those Manolo Blahnik blue satin heels with the white vintage suit by NOBODY when she married ‘BIG’ at City Hall.  And this moment finally happened after having been jilted by ‘BIG’.  Original venue had been at the New York State Library.  VOGUE had commissioned Carrie to star in a wedding dress shoot and Vivienne Westwood’s dress had kicked the suit with no label in to touch.  But then it all went wrong, and ‘BIG’ made a BIG mistake.  So the girls went on the honeymoon which wasn’t, and Carrie tried to move on.  But fortunately, by the end of ‘SATC The Movie 1′, she went to the upstate apartment to retrieve her Manolo’s, and there he was…’Mr BIG’ himself, and all was right with the world again!  And so they got married, in Carrie’s original white suit by nobody and her Manolo’s.  Followed by her wedding party with her best friends, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.  ‘And just like that Carrie became Mrs BIG!’

Meanwhile across town – River Island came up with these this season,

add them to your shoe collection toute suite!  They’re to die for! Just sayin’!!



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